Monday, August 4, 2008

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Edouard

Yet another unfortunately-named storm is bringing the funk and/or noise upon the Gulf Coast, and this one looks to hit us straight on. I figured I'd keep track of this (sure to be non-)event, in a (couple) hour-to-(couple) hour update:

7am - 10am - Cloudless Sky. Emergency meetings at work enable legitimate excuse to use phrases like "prepositioning of personnel assets" and "logistical synergies". Morale high.

10am-12pm - One or two clouds. Stores of emergency food for staff/workers evaluated and contemplated. Stores consist entirely of MREs. Morale notably less high than before.

12pm - 1pm - Slight cloud cover, still sunny. Lunch at vietnamese noodle place. Owner seems unconcerned. On further contemplation of MREs, bought extra sandwhich. Morale Improving.

1pm-2pm - Little cloudy. Contemplating silliness of naming massive forces of destruction things like "Dolly" and "Edouard". Concerned about losing life/home to storm with a pansy name.

2pm-5pm - Fewer clouds, very sunny. Average Monday. Sinuses/mucus surfaces in mouth still paying for Vietnamese lunch. Trouble coming up with witty update for blog. If storm does not materialize soon, may openly support gay marriage, women's right to vote, episcopalians, in effort to tempt God's wrath. Reread email from last storm (Rita, which missed us with no effect), entitled "Official Summary of Storm Damage". Email contained only picture of overturned lawnchair.

5pm-8pm - Decided a good idea would be to drive toward the storm...drove to Brazos Bend for evening of photography. Park was closed. Drove home.

8pm-12am - Prepared apartment for storm. Preparation included looking at fridge, acknowledging we had food, water, beer. Moved a few items away from windows. Shuffled things about a bit to feel like we had done something. Considered generally crappy construction of apartment vs. destructive power of hurricane. Gave up and went to sleep.

530am-7am - Storm makes sudden jog north. Sucks to be you, Beaumont. Now more than ever. In to work early, sky slightly clouded. Breakfast tacos abound. Morale high.

7am-10am - We wait and watch for the storm. Edouard hits us at about 10. I reflect that "hit" is an enitrely relative word in this sense.

10-am-the rest of the day - Non-Event Edouard passes by without so much as a decent rain. We get an inch or two, but really no more than your daily afternoon thundershower. the clouds try to be menacing during the day, but it seems even they are lackluster in their performance.

If I had nto known in advance we were experiencing a tropical storm, I would not even have said we "just had a storm". It was more on the order of "we just had a cloudy day with a sprinkling of rain".

0 for 2, Houston. Lets hope/not hope 3 is the magic number.


stanford said...

Love the running diary of the storm that was not.

JMBower said...

thanks...I suppose I should finish it:)