Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Indiana (Black and White)

Barn and Storm (B&W)
Barn and Storm

It feels odd to post black and white photos of Indiana. The Indiana I have known is a green, growing place; a place the green of corn stalks, and the pink of old white barns in sunset light. Fading red tractors, shiny new green ones, ruddy grins, and big blue skies.

But in fairness, the farmsteads of my wife's lineage are also places of old architecture, solid machinery, and history. Like my agrarian hometown, these are places where the past has not been simply swept away or covered over with a new facade. It remains in physical (if weathered) form as a testament to those years and people who have gone before. In that mindset, the black and white doesn't feel as odd. Without color, you can see some of these things as they are, without the distracting juxtaposition of old and new.

These are a few shots from our recent trip (people pictures not included), along with a few from prior trips.  

Weathervane (B&W)
Which way the wind blows

Battle scars

Window and wall (B&W)
Window and wall


Corn Field (B&W)
Corn traverses the folds

Barn (B&W)
Windows (B&W)
2016-05-07 17.51.17-3
To the sky

Lightning rod
Wood and paint

Oil can; Farmhouse view