Wednesday, May 7, 2008

once more into the breach

So I've certainly done a bang-up job with this blog so far.

Ok, back in action.

So, in the intervening months, I have been an Obama delegate, a wildflower photographer, a groom and husband, the Kwisatz Haderach, and neglectful of my blog.

One of those five items may or may not be a complete fabrication.

Spring arrived and vanished in the course of a few weeks here in Houston. As much as there is recognition of any real "season" here (outside of slightly less hot, Hot, melty-faced-guy-from-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark hot) Spring generally is heralded in by the brief week or two of wildflowers.

Now there is, within Texas state charter, certain provisions (I am absolutely CERTAIN) that all art coming out of Texas has to involve, in one way or another:
1) longhorns
2) bluebonnets
3) Old ranch buildings/windmills.....preferrably awash in bluebonnets and longhorns.

It's like the state handed its collective artistic license to Thomas Kinkade and said, here, go cheesy-pastel-cottage-painting nuts.

In other words....meh.

But bluebonnets are everwhere, and are a Texas obsession. I tend to find them somewhat ugly, but I was not raised here, so I missed several formative years in which Texas Children are literally beaten over the head with bluebonnets, or longhorns, whichever is handy, until they grow a defensive appreciation of them.

Or suffer brain damage. Those children are excused from bluebonnet fetish, and are instead put on the Presidential politics track.

But being the avid photographer I am, and for lack of much else in our flat coastal area to take pictures of, I ventured out into the world of wildflowers and went a-shootin'. Attached are a few examples of the brief but multifacted Texas wildflower spectacle.

Terry Hershey Park flowers 3
Wildflowers 2 - Primrose Backlit
Terry Hershey Park flowers 29
Terry Hirshey Park wildflowers 36
Terry Hershey Park flowers 5
Wildflowers 1
Terry Hershey Park Flowers 18
Wildflowers 3b - bouquet