Monday, October 6, 2008

Industrial Art

After Hurricane Ike, I was tasked to an Emergency Operations Role. As a natural resources planner working a desk job, this was an unexpected, but refreshing change of pace for a week.

Part of my forray into field work involved an assessment of a municipality's water and wastewater infrastructure...its water plants, wastewater (sewage) treatment plants, and the sewage lift stations that made up the systems. I was picked largely because I had a camera with me.

Of course, I was not going to let an opportunity to get paid to take pictures go by, so even as I was working to get accurate data and pictoral information I also tried to add some artistic intent to the shots.

So here you go, industrial art (click to see full size versions):

Inner Workings
"Innards" -Mobile Lift Station Pump, interior.

"Bastion" - Interior Curve of Stormwater Clarifier

"Resolve" - Flagless, slightly-leaning Pole

Creeping Decay
"Creeping Decay" - Flooded Clarifier Pump Well

"Lifeline" - Hose array for lift station repumping setup

laying down lives 2
"Laying Down Lives" - semi-permeable paving at lift station access drive

"Probe" - Elevated water storage tank

Fell like Snow
"Fell Like Snow" - Remnants of vegetative screening at lift station

"Reclamation" - creeper vines taking over barbed wiring at a water plant fencing juncture