Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Downtown Houston Photowalk

Occasionally I like to remind myself/pretend-really-hard that Houston is more than just 600+ square miles of infernal sprawl. We actually do have a downtown, just like a real city. ("Plucky Houston has 'skyline' and 'attractions'"). For a soulless corporate landscape, it does a few redeeming architectural and cultural elements.

I went on a ~4 hour photowalk along the Buffalo Bayou near downtown, watched the bats come out from under Waugh Bridge (not half as cool as Austin's) and sojourned around downtown proper. Overwhelming heat + bad backup tripod + bad shoes + 140% humidity did not make for a good photo session, but I came out with a few interesting shots.

As always, click on image to see full sized version, and "all rights reserved" applies to all pictures in this post and others.

Houston Skyline
Sabine Bridge Pic 2

Underpass Lighting
Blue 2

Skyline from Pedestrian Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge

Pennzoil Building
Pennzoil Building 2 (B&W)

Statuary with Skylines- Illumination

Flag Abstract
Abstract Flag

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