Monday, August 18, 2008

Brazos Bend Redux

I took a break from hitting new places to go back to an old favorite: Brazos Bend State Park. The park is pretty impressive as Texas state parks go. ( I have to qualify that statement, being from NY, where the Adirondacks sets the bar for state parks pretty damn high.)

Brazos Bend is a series of constructed and natural marshes and coastal prairie south southwest of Houston near the Brazos River. It's renowned for its healthy American Alligator population, but also boasts a fairly wide ranging number of other species.

I make a point to go down every so often. I work halfway between the Park and my home so I have started visiting on weekday evenings, when the light is fantastic, and I have the run of the park. These are some shots from my last visit. The photography was so-so that day, but still worth the trip.

Click to see larger sizes...the blog cuts off full sized pics.

Algae-gator. (you see what I did there...)

Marsh Sunset/Fade to Black
Marsh Sunset

Purple Haze Dragonfly

Evening Roost
Evening Roost

Heron Silhouette, or (with apologies to the Bhagavad Gita) " I am become Death, the Devourer of...Worms"
(I liked the Shiva-kinda thing going the heron is some sort of multi-limber harbinger of doom)
Heron Silhouette

Anhinga at Sunset (or maybe cormorant, too far away, though beak looks like Anhinga)
Sunset Anhinga

Night Heron

Juvenile Raccoon
Juvenile Raccoon, Brazos Bend

Couple more takes on the Marsh Sunset
Marsh Sunset 3
Marsh Sunset 2

More Birds

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stanford said...

So I've been thinking about one of your orriginal posts where you talked aobut how, to the unititiated, it would seem like you are good at things. Well consider me unititiated in photography b/c to this untrained eye your photos are remarkable.