Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brazos Bend Reflections


One of the great things about volunteering at a local state park is that it meshes well with my loves of nature and photography. This is not surprising of course, as these were what lead to me being involved with the Brazos Bend State Park Volunteers, but it's a nice bonus. I know not every volunteering opportunity is equally soi. I was reflecting on that while I was down at the Park on Friday.

The morning hike went well, but the light was so fantastic, and the water was still as glass most of the day, so I ended up staying the entire day. Sadly, I was on the move most of the day hiking, but still managed to get a couple shots lined up in passing. Since I was reflecting on my experience at the Park, I thought it might be fitting to include some hike shots of actual reflections.

No more words, pretty pictures now.

1Reflection 2
Reflection 5

iA lot of volunteer work is more oriented toward making a difference in situations (homeless, etc.) that are not necessarily enjoyable for volunteers, outside of the internal reward. At least I'd hope it's not a matter of the same sort of hobby synergy... Regardless, I sometimes feel like I should be doing more volunteer work, even as busy as I am. I almost don't count what I do at the park, because I'd likely be down there quite a bit anyway, and it doesn't feel like work.   

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