Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wildflower season, 2012

I’ve said pretty much everything there is to say about wildflower season in previous years’ posts (2008 being the most snarky/accurate, but also from 2009, 2010, 2011).

This unmanly topic has been run into the ground here, but this is a yearly tradition here, so I’ll just post a couple pictures[i], and then we can all pretend this didn’t happen and get back to subduing our intestines with steak and beer[ii] and other manly pursuits.

From top left: Mountain Laurel, Thistle sp. Violet Wood Sorrel, Winecup, Gallardia, Herbertia, Iris sp., Coral Bean, Showy Evening Primrose, Vervain sp., Spider Lilies, Mexican Hat, Indian Paintbrush, Lantana, False Dandelion, Coreopsis sp., Cone flower, Plains Coreopsis.

[i] I actually didn’t go out especially to photograph wildflowers this year, and haven’t worked through a large backlog of unidentified pictures, so these are just a few random shots from times I was out during the season and saw wildflowers while involved in doing something more weighty….like birding. Nope still can’t say that with a straight face.
[ii] I’ve been posting posts of epic length as of late, so I thought a brief one would be a welcome interlude. More to come. 


Vincent Verweij said...

You sure that's Mountain Laurel? :)

JMBower said...

I should have been more clear...Sophora secundiflora, Texas Mountain laurel.