Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wildflower Season has Begun

No big words today, just some pictures from the start of wildflower season.
I gave a somewhat extended treatise on wildflowers and Texas art in a previous blog post that may be worth referring to.

Click on the shot to see a larger version, or go here.

unidentified wildflower
Unidentified Wildflower

bluebonnet with unidentified butterfly
Bluebonnet with Unidentified Butterfly

Wildflowers (Fleabane, etc)
Philadelphia Fleabane, Blue-Eyed Grass, etc.

Unidentified wildflower

unidentified wildflowers
Unidentified Wildflowers

Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnet
Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnet

Spiderwort with unidentified bug

Evening Primrose, backlit
Backlit Evening Primrose

unidentified wildflowers
(Pink or Violet?) Wood Sorrel

Yellow Flower with Buttercups

Bee on wildflower
Bumblebee on Blue-Eyed (Grass) Blossoms. (alliteration! Awesome!...anyway....,)

Wildflowerscape (Bluebonnets and Crepe Myrtle)

unidentified wildlflower
Another as of yet unidentified wildflower

Red Buckeye
Red Buckeye in Bloom (Not technically a wildflower, but meh.)

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