Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wildflower Season 2009

Mixed Wildflowers

A few shots of this year's wildflowers, now that we have passed the explosion of color that happens during the March to May timeframe here. Not quite as spectacular as other areas of Texas, but some interesting variation. Probably more to follow as I continue to work through a backlog of photos to edit.

**As always, click to see the shots at a reasonable size, more shots available at My Flickr page. **

Spider Lillies
Spider Lillies

Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)
Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella )

Cape Honeysuckle
Cape Honeysuckle

Herbertia/Prairie Nymph (Herbertia lahue)
Brazos Bend 25th Anniversary

Brays Bayou Flora - mirror image

Brays Bayou Flora - Passionflower closeup

Mimosa/Sensitive Plant (possibly mimosa pudica?)
Brays Bayou reservoir - ? Wildflower

Brays Bayou reservoir - Thistle

lemonmint/horsemint (indian blanket in background)
Artcar Parade Esplanade Wildflowers

Cullinan Park - Pricklypoppy Bloom

Cullinan Park - Spiderwort

Texas Vervain (Verbena)
Cullinan Park - Vervain

Violet Wood Sorrel
Armand Bayou - Violet(?) Wood Sorrel

Salvia species
Armand Bayou - Wildflower (Salvia)

Dianthus/wild Carnation
Armand Bayou - Dianthus

Common Selfheal (prunella vulgaris?)
Armand Bayou - Common Selfheal (Prunella Vulgaris)?

Obedient Plant (Physostegia Pulchella)
Armand Bayou - Obedient Plant

Lizard's-tail (Saururus cernuus)

Armand Bayou - Lizard's Tail

Golden Ragwort
Cullinan Park - Golden Ragwort (?)

Philadelphia Fleabane
Cullinan Park - Wildflowers (Philadelphia Fleabane)

Cullinan Park - Puff

Scarlet Sage
Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary - scarlet sage

Clover with Bee
Bear Creek Park - Uknown Bee on Uknown Flower

Blue-Eyed Grass
San Bernard NWR - Blue-Eyed Grass

Brazoria NWR 44 - Melilotus

Bluebonnets in Motion
Varner-Hogg Plantation 9 - Bluebonnets in Motion

Bluebonnets with Oak
Varner-Hogg Plantation 16 - Oak(?) and Bluebonnets

Cullinan Park 4/1/09 5 - Coneflowers

Iris (Iris versicolor, growing wild)
San Bernard NWR 2 - Blue Flag Lilly/Iris Versicolor

Manystem False Dandelion
Brazoria NWR 5

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose

a Verbena sp. surrounded by a Lipidium sp.
Verbena and Lepidium wildflowers

Till next year..
Wildflower Mix

Up next: Recap of 2009 Birding Season.

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