Monday, April 19, 2010

Only in Texas, part 329.

Just a couple slice of life shots from in and around Houston, TX.

Huntin' Stuff.
This is what you get when you have Billy Bob's Purty Sellin'-Place Signs 'n Thingz do your store's shingle. It's kind of like having Betty Lou's Kuntry Kitchen cater your wedding.

The sign and this almost-in-the-water bench are found in very close proximity. That's some fine bench planning, boys.

Utopia, Texas. No comment other than, you'd think in a Utopia, there'd be ample funding for a better sign...

Two Starbucks locations. So what? So, they're directly across the street from one another. NOt down the street a little, or kitty-corner....but DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET.The infamous Starbucks-across-the-street-from-another Starbucks in River Oaks, Houston.
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