Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My blog, by any other name, still stinks

In picking an arguably pretentious choice of a Latin phrase [1] for a blog title , I managed to betray exactly how little I had gotten out of four years of Latin (Sorry Ms. Kiechle, you tried your best) by misspelling it as "In Media(sic) Res" (It should be Medias). By the time I caught this, it was too late to change it as both inmediasres and inmediasresblog were already taken.

Given that there is already an active blog called In Medias Res, I have considered changing my blog’s name. This is especially pressing given that my friends, all of whom are geniuses of one manner or another, have suitably creative blog names.

Some potential options:

1) Notes from the Republic – reflecting my exile in Tejas.

2) Field Notes from the Republic – ditto, but with field reflecting the naturalist and/or anthropological bent that the blog tends to delve into from time to time

3) Postcards from the Republic – as above, but more irreverent.

4) Leaving New York – Always liked this REM song, and it is appropriate given my history. Still, I’d really like to not be that guy who names their blog after song lyrics.

5) Find the River – ditto on both counts.

6) A Terrible Beauty – ironically may be both too obscure a reference and too overly utilized a referencee (Yeats). At least it’s better than But it may also raise questions of whether it’s intended as a reference to the blogger, which could lead to all sorts of uncomfortable comparisons.

7) The Widening Gyre – see above.

8) A Terrible Resolve – Not sure why the fixation on terrible. I just like the idea of a terrible resolve.

9) Slouching Toward Bethlehem – again with the Yeats. Sigh. “Why that’s a nice trick, Mr. Pony, do you do another? No? ok.”

10) Zealot Ratio – This is going to be my band name if when I become a rock star. As far as I know it is not taken. I had come up with it when considering the extremes of political/social identification, and what the ratio of zealots to moderates in a society meant….too few and there is potentially a stagnation, too many and there is polarization…so what is the proper zealot ratio? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it goes to 11.

That’s all I could come up with. Which is kinda sad. If anyone has suggestions for names for a blog centered around…well…not really much at all…let me know. I got nothin’.


11) I got nothin’

[1] In Medias Res, roughly translated, means "in the middle of things". Pretension aside, it's pretty fitting for me, and something I've reflected on here several times..feeling like I'm in the middle of my life path, in the middle of skill levels, in the middle of moving from where I was to where I'll be, in the middle of the political spectrum, etc etc etc. So it's not TOTALLY disconnected from the content.


Ben said...

Battle Hymns from the Republic?

Resolved on Slouching from New York in a Widening Gyre to Find the Terrible Beauty of Zealot Radio in the Republic?

JMBower said...

Battle Hymns is hilarious. Nicely done.