Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Colors

Winter Palettes (sunset colors)

Winter Sky Palette, Brazos Bend State Park

Photos Copyright Justin Bower, all rights reserved. Click on them to see larger versions.

One of the things I do appreciate about the pseudo-winter of Houston is the colors of sunset. More often than not, our “winter” skies at sunset are cloudless. The sunsets are not as dramatic as the brightly lit pantheons of blazing clouds form other seasons, but they form fantastic color gradients. Sometimes subtle, sometimes massive color shifts, but always gradual from sky to ground.


Elm Lake SunsetRiver of Birds Brazos Bend Photoshoot - 17

From Start: Primary Sky, Elm Lake Sunset, River of Birds, Purple Haze

Even unedited, the colors are pronounced through the (relatively) less humid air. At a time when the landscape is not especially attractive to photograph, the color shifts make for some nice abstracts. It’s an interesting counterpoint to the subdued earth tones of the landscape.


Grass and SkyIMGP9771

Last light in Winter Grass

From Start: Winter Grasses, Reeds and Sky, Last Light on Winter Fields, In the Gloaming

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