Saturday, November 7, 2009

There and Back Again

With apologies to Mr. Baggins.

I have not posted since June. Things have happened, as they are wont to do.

In the interim, I have:

- started a new job
- put my mother to rest
- climbed an Alp
- attended a German wedding in Germany
- Stayed at a Dude Ranch (for work reasons)
- sang Country kareoke without a hint of irony
- had a second anniversary
- developed a greater fondness for Cormac McCarthy's OTHER works
- finally ridden a car to death
- photographed. A lot.
- become a volunteer/amateur naturalist for one of Texas's premier state parks (Brazos Bend)
- tried to be good. Occasionally succeeded.
- Had a hundred thousand thoughts that, upon having them, I said to myself, "self, you should post about this on your blog"
- not posted.
- been somewhat weary in general.

So instead of trying to unclog the stopped-up, stygian depths of my mental plumbing, I am going to just give the update above, and then post pictures. I find that works better than my long ramblings.

The pictures, as always, are available in larger size at

I've been moving toward doing a little more post-processing to heighten effects, or to get what I could envision of a scene even if I shot at the wrong time of day. This has lead to a lot of shots of Texas landscape elements that I thought went nicely together. I have tried not to play up too mnay cowboy-esque stereotypes. This set is the generally sepia-tones/antiqued lot. Color and B&W sets to follow. At some point. Breath-holding is ill advised.


Bare Earth
Bare Earth

Arroyo Fire


Hard Rider

Spirit of the West

Into the West
Into the West

Advance Guard

Old Men of the Wood
Old Men of the Wood



In the grip of Night
Moon (sepia)

Road Trip, 1939
Road Trip, Texas, 1949

Old Man Crow
Old Man Crow (antiqued)

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Joel said...

It's nice to see you back. :)