Friday, November 13, 2009

B&W day

As promised from my previous thread, this is a follow up set of black and white images of late. No deep thoughts today, just a gallery.

We'll start it off light....these Least Grebes have these almost unblinking bright they're looking into your soul....add a little film noir lighting and this is the most scared I've ever been of waterfowl.
The Grebe is coming for you...

Lost Maples Reflecting Pond (Lost Maples SNA)
Lost Maples reflecting pond

Old Baldy vista, Garner State Park.
Old Baldy Vista (B&W)

Bones of the Earth - bald cypresses on the Frio River at dawn
Bones of the Earth

Cactus Singularity, Prickly Pear Cactus, Lost Maples SNA
Cactus Singularity

High Country Wood, Lost Maples SNA
High Country Wood

Big Tooth Maples, Lost Maples SNA
Big Tooth Maples

Utopia, Utopia, TX
West Texas Vista (B&W)

Bridge to Terebithia, Bandera, TX (Medina River)
Bridge to Terebithia

Burn Boundary, Bandera, TX
Burnt Wood


Battle Scars, Brazos Bend State Park
Battle Scars

Life's Work
Life's Work 2

Kingdom of the Ducks ( I love the ominous feel of the gnarled old branch juxtaposed with the inherently non-sinister nature of the comical black bellied whistling ducks)
The Ducks are Watching...

Forest Layers

Kind of Cute. (Nutria, Cullinen Park)

Flooded Forest
Flooded Forest (B&W)

I am Become Death, Devourer of Dragonflies (Golden Silk Spider)
Golden SIlk Spider (B&W)

?flower (B&W)


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Joel said...

Those grebes are creepy. All of a sudden I felt like I was in a Hitchcock movie.

stanford said...

ducks are the perfect comedic foil...

Really striking work (both today's and yesterdays).

I know you have decided not to unclog...but I suspect that 'went to a dude ranch for work reasons' deserves a post...please. :)

And really...not a hint of irony?

JMBower said...

unclogging takes time my carless self is lacking at the moment:) But I will make a post about Bandera at some point. It's not as fun a story as I'd like...went there for a conference the state decided to hold at a dude ranch. Open bar from 5:30pm on + work colleagues + regulators + dude ranch atmosphere + cowboy townie bars + kareoke (and no irony. None. Alan Jackson SPEAKS to me. Ok, not really, but Chatahoochie is just fun.) + 2 days of solo camping afterwards = awesome trip.
That's the summation. The devil's
in the details. And the tequila.

Joel said...

Why is that lady so anguished?