Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New job!

I hope you'll pardon me, I have no time for cute prose, too busy trying to bring 6 years worth of projects to a satisfactory end/breaking point. The bustle is due to the transition to new employment. After years of trying to break into the inner circle of my field in Houston, I've taken a step closer.

Come two weeks, I'll be managing watershed protection efforts for a region whose population exceeds 4.5 million. I am suitably cowed at the prospect. I am now a senior environmental planner for a regional planning organization, who as it happens NEVER SEEMS TO HIRE ANYONE. If there is any sense of lingering frustration, it is because I have ben waiting for jobs to open up with this organization for as long as I have known of their existence.

I can't help but feel a bit like a dog who has chased a lion's tail, finding himself somewhat uncertain as to what to do when he has achieved his aim.

But it will all be academic in two weeks when I start. In the mean time, I have to sum up a 6 year career at my current job into pieces digestible by my colleagues, and am beginning to realize just how much of an information silo one can become if one is not careful.

But woohoo....change! change is good.


Joel said...

Congrats! Will you have to relocate, or is your new job in the same area as your current one?

JMBower said...

Still in Houston, unfortunately. And a little closer to the current place, but about the same drive time. In a much cooler area though...closer to downtown, lots of restaurants, parks, etc. Kinda trendy/affluent area, but I will make the best of it. I have some friends who live there too, so that will be fun.