Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Manhattan by night

I love how cities become a different place at night. The burden of distance and detail are relieved by the advent of the dark.  Spaces are defined in new ways as the flat equality of sunlight gives way to the uneven topography of artificial lighting. All the wildness in a place seems to ride that edge of the day before spilling out into dark places. For me, Manhattan is the epitome of this urban dimorphism.

I was recently in NYC to see my sister's family, and managed to snap a few night pictures along the way.

Blue Hour Rush HourSunset from Top of the Rock

Radio City Music Hall

Russian Vodka Room - horseradish vodkaRussian Vodka RoomRussian Vodka Room

Manhattan night skyline

Uplit Trio (B&W)

St Patrick's

Chinese New Year fireworks

On the Street

Red Wall under Blue Neon Lights

Central Park vista (moonlight)

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