Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week in pictures – January 7-January 13, 2012

This post is a continuation of a new year’s resolution explained here.

Misty morning, still lake
Misty Morning, Still Lake

I started off the week helping to lead a long hike down at Brazos Bend State Park. It was an incredibly foggy morning, but it burned off eventually into a nice day. We saw a good deal of wildlife, especially birds (the nominal purpose of the hike). Highlights included a close fly-by from a Red-shouldered Hawk, carrying the largest bullfrog I have ever seen. The Hawk lost the frog, and commenced to sit in a clump of emergent vegetation, looking incredibly confused.

Confused Red-Shouldered Hawk
Misty Morning Trio
Gadwall Pair American Coot
Confused Red-shouldered Hawk, Misty Morning Trio, Gadwall Pair, American Coot

My favorite brewing store, which I haven’t (sadly) frequented in years, just relocated. Some work colleagues and I just stopped by to visit, and were impressed by their Grain room.

2012-01-13_13-07-31_525 2012-01-13_13-07-13_459 2012-01-13_13-06-09_117
Malted Grain!, Grain machinery, Grain bucket, Grain dispensers

Most of the rest of the week was an unfortunate blur of work. I did manage to get a few quick snaps with my new smartphone camera. Needless to say it won’t be replacing my real camera anytime soon. But I grudgingly admit it is nice to have a camera on me at all times.

2012-01-13_18-14-23_205 2012-01-13_18-14-33_688
Winter Sunset, Greenway Plaza by night

Another bird added to our list of species seen at our new(ish) house: the appropriately named House Finch. Also, a new spider, an unidentified member of the Hacklemesh Weaver family (Amaurobiidae), kept me company as I cleaned out the garage.

House Finches? Hacklemesh Weaver (Family Amaurobiidae).
House Finch, Hacklemesh Weaver

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