Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amidst the noise and haste...

Short post...we've been living and breathing real estate for the better part of a month. So my hiking has been nil, and photography even less. Here's just a few odds and ends from that time frame.

Terry Hershey Park Collage
Collage from my one little hike this month...a short 4 mile stroll in Terry Hershey Park. From Top, Swamp Rabbit, Crepe Myrtles in Bloom, Dragonfly motes and grassy knolls, Coneflowers, Brown Anole on rock, Pines in the Sun.

Coastal Plains Toad (Incilius nebulifer)
Coastal Plains Toas (Incilius nebulifer) I rescued from one of the seemingly innumerable contingent of feral black cats that live here.

Flag Display
Flag Display at Discovery Park

FlamingoWhite Rhinoceros
Shots from the Houston Zoo, from a trip with Kate's family.

Tomatoes and PeppersHot Sauce and Pesto
A few Garden and Culinary products...from top: Garden Bounty, Homemade Hot Sauce and Pesto, Tomatoes!, My First Pot Roast.

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Joel said...

I really like that flag picture.