Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fall-ish Color

We don't get real fall color down here on the Gulf Coast. A few tree species will reluctantly change a hue or two, but none of the blazing fall color of the Adirondacks. We do have some maples (Big-tooth, etc in places like Lost Maples State Natural Area) but they are pretty few and far between.

After 7 years of this, I decided this year THERE WOULD BE COLOR, even if I had to supersaturate pictures to bring it out. Luckily, as winter arrives, sluggish Texas trees finally give way to small burst of color.

SO here is a brief sampling of Texas fall/winter color:

Sycamore fall colors
Sycamores:Maples as non-dairy creamer:milk. But we have to take what we can get.

Sycamore fall colors
More Sycamore color against a bright blue winter sky

Fall color
Sycamore close up

Texas Christmas colors
Bald Cypress against duckweed covered lake. It's about as close as we get to red and green Christmas colors.

More Bald Cypress, with a small bit of colored bird in the middle.

Chinese Tallow fall colors
Chinese Tallow is a nasty invasive, but is one of our few colorful fallwinter trees.

Autumn Color
I'm actually unsure what tree/vine this was from.

But to be honest, the real colros here are the browns and tans and shifting colors of the prairie. A little more subtle, but nice.

Adrift in a Golden World
Prairie grasses with (?)scorpionfly

Last light in Winter Grass
Winter grasses

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