Monday, October 6, 2008

Industrial Art

After Hurricane Ike, I was tasked to an Emergency Operations Role. As a natural resources planner working a desk job, this was an unexpected, but refreshing change of pace for a week.

Part of my forray into field work involved an assessment of a municipality's water and wastewater infrastructure...its water plants, wastewater (sewage) treatment plants, and the sewage lift stations that made up the systems. I was picked largely because I had a camera with me.

Of course, I was not going to let an opportunity to get paid to take pictures go by, so even as I was working to get accurate data and pictoral information I also tried to add some artistic intent to the shots.

So here you go, industrial art (click to see full size versions):

Inner Workings
"Innards" -Mobile Lift Station Pump, interior.

"Bastion" - Interior Curve of Stormwater Clarifier

"Resolve" - Flagless, slightly-leaning Pole

Creeping Decay
"Creeping Decay" - Flooded Clarifier Pump Well

"Lifeline" - Hose array for lift station repumping setup

laying down lives 2
"Laying Down Lives" - semi-permeable paving at lift station access drive

"Probe" - Elevated water storage tank

Fell like Snow
"Fell Like Snow" - Remnants of vegetative screening at lift station

"Reclamation" - creeper vines taking over barbed wiring at a water plant fencing juncture

1 comment:

Ben said...

Love the innards.

"Creeping Decay" looks like at any moment some sort of mutant zombie (or an array thereof) is going to pop out and you're going to be glad you found that sawed-off shotgun a few rooms back.